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Nantucket Baskets

Nantucket baskets are unique to the island of Nantucket.  Having a wood disc as the base with carved wood staves (vertical members) and cane weavers (horizontal members).  In the mid nineteenth century the craft was brought on board the lightships, floating lighthouses stationed off the coast, giving rise to the name “Lightship Baskets”.  In the mid twentieth century a lid was added to an oval handled basket creating a purse which became known as the Nantucket friendship basket.  Today’s weavers combine tradition with modern need and aesthetic.  Four Winds Craft Guild specializes in antique, vintage and contemporary Nantucket baskets from the mid nineteenth century through today.  All of Four Winds Craft Guilds baskets are handwoven and represent many of the finest weavers, past and present, using traditional methods and materials.

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